Friday, August 29, 2014

Which Injury Were We On?

The stubbed toe is healing, the carpal tunnel issues are improving, the first round of scratches are scabbed Wednesday night when I gave Theo his dose of sticky, awful meds, he got one claw deeply embedded in my left hand--right between the second and third knuckles, and it took me FOREVER (probably 30 seconds) to wrestle a wiggling and ticked-off 18-pound cat into a position where I could remove his claw without ripping my hand wide open, all the while trying not to scream in pain because a frightened wiggling and ticked-off 18-pound cat is more than I can handle.  He left a nice puncture mark that didn't bleed much, but hurt like crazy.  After my father's ordeal with the staph infection, we're probably maniacs about infections, but I immediately washed my hands twice with lots of soap, then applied antibiotic cream and a bandage, and took an Aleve for pain.

Yesterday my hand was still throbbing, and most tragically of all, I couldn't knit.  Not even a little.  Curious, I finally took the bandage off to discover that the area underneath the bandage had swollen into an extra knuckle, which explained the pain.  I iced it yesterday and continued to take an anti-inflammatory, and today it's sore but almost back to the correct size.  And we have one more dose of the icky goo to get through tonight, and Theo and I can start healing the physical (me) and emotional (him) scars.............