Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Very, Very, VERY Close Call

As you know, I am trying to buy nothing from my personal account for one year (which, incidentally, will be up at 12:01 AM on November 1, just in case you were wondering).  Today I almost blew it.

I've mentioned the Great Decisions group I'm in, and every-other week we meet in a library very close to a fabric store.  For the sake of my credit card, I've been trying to avoid even being NEAR anything too tempting..bookstores, fabric stores, anything even remotely resembling a yarn store.  Really, home and the gym are sort of my world right now.  But, today I was really close to a fabric store, had a little extra time, and was trying to rationalize buying more white machine embroidery thread.  And believe me, as someone who has been both a professional fund-raiser and spent a long time in sales, I can be very persuasive at times.  It was so close, but luckily I decided to get myself some coffee before the meeting, and apparently I've been getting out far less than I thought I had, because the coffee shop I picked has been closed for a while.  I didn't know they could ever go out of business, but by the time I found another coffee shop, my extra time was up and I had to get to my meeting.  Saved by coffee!!!!!!!!!!! 

And this week, I'll be leaving my credit card at home, just in case........