Saturday, March 17, 2012

Organizing The Sewing Room

Andy had another idea for storage for the sewing room, so he added a thin piece of plywood to the underside of the new sewing desk
and now it's the perfect place to store long skinny things--yardstick, blocking wires, that long flat pressing thing,
and also seems to provide a LOT of kitty entertainment on rainy days:
Because my back was hurting a bit more (gym, lifting boxes, sitting--image that),  I spent most of Finishing Friday working on the new sweater,
which has now divided for the armholes and I'm working on just the back.  I also finished picking up the button band for the blue sweater, but I want to edit that pattern to add buttons and button holes, which I thought would be best to do while NOT back on pain pills.  

No progress on the green dress yet, but I have actually located a sewing project I can do as soon as the dress is finished.
Same jean-type jacket pattern I keep making, but this one in purple corduroy, so one that would be great for fall.  I have 4 yards of the fabric, so ideally I would be able to locate a shirt or bag pattern and be able to cut it all out at once, but so far I have only located 5 sewing patterns, and they're all ones I've used before.  Still, I think this will make a cute jacket.  When I bought this fabric, it was on clearance and something around $1 a yard, and my intention was to make Andy a shirt, but I've already made him a purple corduroy shirt in a finer wale but in this exact color, so that seems a bit Stepford.  Why that didn't occur to me AT THE TIME I BOUGHT IT has a lot to do with why I have this humungous stash.  There may be people who can pass up $1 a yard in decent fabrics, but I'm obviously not one of them............