Friday, March 22, 2013

Finishing Friday

Last night I cut out the interfacing pieces for the jacket, so I could start on it bright and early this morning,
but not earlier than Theo.  Apparently he's rediscovered the joys of sewing, or at least the joys of interrupting sewing.  This is why it's best to craft multi-task.  Even when they're both with me,
 the cats just can't be everywhere.  Even when it seems like they can.....

I was able to distract them long enough to get three more icicle ornaments made:
and a gold snowflake:
I decided I didn't need to be a purist about appropriate color choices.  I get a LOT more open-minded when I'm really far behind.

The socks got a bit of action today while I was embroidering,
and Theo had the other machine occupied, and the jacket did finally end up with some progress before my back got tired,
and since we had snow when we woke up this morning, I could actually get this finished in time to wear it this year.  Unless Theo has other plans, of course.........