Friday, February 19, 2016

We've Been Busy

With the table runner done,
 and a little time on our hands last night,  Calisto and I
decided to cut out a quick summer dress
with FOUR pattern pieces.  FOUR!!!!!!!  Did I mention the corduroy jacket had 25?  And with only 4 little pieces,
I have another finished project today!  And another 3.375 yards of fabric is gone from the stash.  Not to be left out,
Theo helped me stitch the strips together for the next table runner:
though we both sort of lost interest after all the strata were ironed.  Instead,
I ironed the fabric for the summer clothes for Andy's 2014 birthday.  If one is more than one year late, one can at least try to be less than TWO years late, right? 

So, I'm at 22.4 yards of yarn so far this year.  At this rate, I am on track to use up about 135-150 yards for the year.  I need more yardage, and it felt so good to get Andy's shirt done,
which has been on the to-do list for several years, I decided it was time to explore the deep stash.  There isn't a great deal of fabric that moved into this house with us, but this
has probably been around for a while.  4 yards of 60-inch wide poly blend of some sort--I like it, but don't have any ideas just yet.  Dress?   This
is a rather interesting silky print--again some sort of poly blend.  EIGHT yards of a 45-inch wide fabric.  Some sort of loose jacket with a dress?  Skirt?  And what the heck was I planning to do with 8 yards of this stuff?  Besides the obvious, of course:
I adore and will be using for a shirt, and thanks to another sewing friend who recommended PerfectSew, which can be used to temporarily stiffen silky fabrics so they can be cut out and sewn without drugs or nervous breakdowns, it's been soaked in stiffener and ready to go.  And while one is prepping one troublesome fabric,
why not prep several?  The coral is 7 yards of a really light poly blend, and is probably the only one that dates from my old house, and will be used to make a gored skirt that, conveniently, needs 6 yards of a really lightweight fabric.  I have no idea what I originally intended to do with it, but I think it will make a lovely skirt.  And I'm thinking the dragon print would make a nice Valentine's shirt for Andy this year, which will let me delay figuring out how to make the other fabric work. 

I should work on the Valentine shirt next..........but a project that uses up 6 yards is SO tempting........Or, if one is trying to reach 200 yards, it should be BOTH, right???????????