Sunday, October 30, 2016

It IS Like Online Dating!

Friday I was sending out more resumes, and in order to apply for one, I had to upload my resume to, and in case it made it easier for me in the future, I allowed other companies to view my resume.  So yesterday was "Cowboy Bob Day."  Oh my goodness.  Lots of emails, and one phone call, which was kind of confusing because the company name sounded a lot like a company I had actually applied to, but after tentatively agreeing to an interview, I discovered it was a company that ALWAYS has ads running and seems to do door-to-door sales of some sort.  Yeah--not going to interview THERE.  And, to be honest, I'm pretty sure that "part-time retail associates" at AT&T don't actually make $50536 "on average,"  There was a lot of embellishing from the "Oh look! Fresh meat!" contingent on, too.

I hate to admit it, but instead of exploring all those wonderful employment opportunities, I took the day to sew.  First, I got the borders attached and got this all ready for quilting:
I'm thinking gold thread, of course, though maybe not metallic.  Then, as I was cleaning off my sewing table, I located the sleeves and bodice-gone-awry
which was started last APRIL using fabric from probably 2006.  I knew I had enough fabric to redo the body, but as I've moved things around, I've never gotten everything together at the same time.  But once I found the sleeves, I knew where the extra fabric was, 
finished it up last night! There just aren't very many shirts in the world that end up consuming 3.5 yards of fabric, but there it is.  And, most importantly, I threw away the messed up bodice!  That's a tough thing for me to do, because I hate to add things to the landfill, and there was quite a bit of fabric that could have been salvaged, but I already have a huge pile of scraps and absolutely don't need any more. 

Today I'll be cutting out the same pattern with this,
which is one of the fabrics I prepped with fabric stiffener earlier this year, and hopefully I'll do it right the first time as I don't have any extra of this fabric.  Surprisingly.

Right now, I am at 75.9 yards for the year.  The table runner will be another yard, this shirt would be another 2.5, and there's an embroidered table runner which just needs to be hemmed, which would be another half a yard.  All of that would put me just under 80 yards for the year with two months to go.  Because I obsess about these little goals of time.  I can't help it--this is what Type A people do to their hobbies.

Time to bring back Finishing Fridays!!!!!