Thursday, April 3, 2008

Works In Progress Month

I never learn.

I decided to total up all my lace yarn "just to see"......... 46,000 yards! I don't know that I needed to see that in all honesty. Knitter's Fantasy Land is a fun place to live--everything is possible, all patterns will work out, and there's always something soft nearby.

Undeterred, since I was considering making April the "Works in Progress" month, I decided to find all my WIPs and just see how many I really have. (See how little I've learned?)

My knitting Works In Progress

Oh my! And with a tape dispenser for size reference, as the cats either fled or are buried:

On the positive side, finishing at least a few of these will count toward stash depletion. On the not-so-positive side, there is a sewing version of the WIP pile, which even I am not fool enough to photograph. But back to the positive side, I found many of my rosewood needles!