Friday, December 30, 2011


This arrived in a Christmas package yesterday:
YAY!!!!!!!  The maroon is a lovely wool/angora blend, and the pinks are merino/silk/cashmere blends.  I'm just going to pet them for the next few weeks.  They're amazing.  And since they are a gift, they are guilt free new amazing yarn!  Totally made my day.

And, there is one more skein of yarn used up for the year,
and in one last mad attempt to make it to use up one more ball of yarn before the year is over,
the second sock is now in progress.  Admittedly, it's a really stupid choice as it's fingering weight yarn AND size one needles AND 253-yards rather than a more intelligent 100-yard skein in worsted might be, but I am nothing if not completely delusional in these matters.  I think it's because some teensy, tiny completely insane part of me really thinks I could still make it over 16,000 yards knit for the year, and the sock is moving rather quickly as it's just rounds of knitting, but 450 yards in 2 days does perhaps seem a bit.........insane.  But if I finish the socks, I will also start 2012 with one less WIP, one less ball of yarn, and 253 yards less yarn.  And I AM just 15 rounds from the heel shaping.................