Monday, April 5, 2010


Yep--you read that right.  25 projects done.  Completed.  Finished.  Now, some of you may be thinking that I have spent the weekend making a desperate push to finish short, quick projects in a pathetic attempt to get back on track, and to that I say......Well, duh.  

First, we have the April Project of the Month.  Taking the half-yard of fleece that was tucked away in the project bag, rounded off the corners
(which requires the latest in high-tech equipment as you can see), then did a narrow hem along the border using some decorative stitching
which doesn't need to be done as fleece cannot ravel, but I like the look better than a raw edge.  The timing is perfect because some friends just had a baby last week, so.....
It looks a bit funny because the clear water-soluble stabilizer is still there.  This is my first time using this plastic-looking stuff
and it's a bit strange to work with.  It's nice that it's clear, but it also has a bit of a smell...well, more of a stink, really, When I bought it at the fabric store, I even had to explain to the clerks what it was, so it might not be popular stuff.  Sewing gods willing, when I wash the blanket, it will have dissolved just like the normal stuff.  So, that is project 23.

Project 24 and 25:
personalized pillowcases for nieces for Christmas gifts!  I think they turned out well--in spite of a smack by the Sewing Gods
when I received a reminder why one does not actually leave the embroidery machine unattended.  Luckily, I caught it before it got too bad, so with much swearing and my longest-handled seam ripper I was able to undo this snarl and save the pillow case.  Theo took it much more calmly than I did. 
So...I am at 25 projects for the year,or 1/4 of the way to my goal with just over 1/4 of the year gone.  This really might be doable--as long as I stay away from the quilts..............