Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Project Lust

I have 17 unfinished WIPS on the needles. I have finished 10 WIPS in a row. If I can just do 4 more, I will have finished more than half before starting something new. Just 4 more.....

I REALLY WANT TO CAST ON SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprisingly, I don't have an actual project in mind--just ANYTHING new.

Finally last night I could stand it no longer, so I dragged out some fleece from the fabric stash,
and finished this today:
I'm thrilled because that makes 3 more yards of fabric used from the stash this year and frees up some space in the sewing room closet. Theo is also thrilled about the extra space in the closet.
Calisto isn't too impressed either way.

My need for a new project wasn't completely sated with the fleece jacket, so my trusty sewing sidekick and I started a fleece jacket for Andy.
I guess that was finally a little too much estrogen for Theo, so he went out for some Testosterone Time
while I worked on the sleeves for Ruched Magic.
I just need to get to 14......I just need to get to 14.......I just need to get to 14..........