Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Have Heat!!!!!!

But not so much knitting.

I did finally buy myself a little reward for finishing 10 WIPs in a row:The Yarn Harlot's latest book, Free Range Knitter. Her writing is so witty and charming that I wish she could rake in the kind of money Danielle Steele or Stephen King does, but I don't suppose the movie rights are worth very much. Any knitter could, of course, appreciate the horror potential of a Hitchcock-esque "The Moths," but I just don't think the general public has that sort of fear of fiber-eating bugs.

I did sit down to work on Fleur, and let's see if you can spot the problem:
That's right--I started attaching the edging IN THE WRONG PLACE. I started here:

thinking a join would be less noticeable at an existing seam.

I ripped back the seam--chastising myself for having been so proud of myself for sewing the edging on while knitting it because then I wouldn't only have sewing left to do--then reattached it here:
Which is the shoulder seam, which is also wrong. This time I at least caught it after only a couple inches. I swear I have had coffee today--it just seems to have had no impact.

Now, finally,
I'm attaching it in the right place, I haven't twisted it, it's not going to explode in a bizarre fiber-related accident, I have enough yarn--I may finally be able to finish it. BUT THAT IS NOT BEING SMUG! That is just an expression of hope and should in no way arouse the wrath of the knitting gods. Maybe I should burn a little alpaca as an offering, just in case......