Thursday, September 18, 2014

IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily it was while I was busy making lunch, otherwise I might have attacked our mailman.  You have no IDEA how exciting new yarn is after almost two years.

The resupply for chemo caps:
which it would be nice to not really need, but sadly, the only way to stop from having friends get cancer is to stop having friends.  Next best thing:  Be Prepared!

And the "splurge" for me:
a linen & cotton blend laceweight.  I was just thinking a white shawl would be very handy to have, so that's what this will be.  I would have cast on for the shawl as soon as the box arrived, but
the current lace shawl just has 6 pattern repeats and 20 rows of garter for the border to go, so I am obsessed with it.  A finished knitting project--won't that just be a shock around here?

It was a big day for me with the mail.  The next ornament kit arrived,
 and these are thankfully a bit different than the bead & sequined ones of the last few shipments.  The picture for the club had several of this type of ornament, so I'm excited to see these.  And this is a kit of SIX ornaments.  We're no longer keeping track of how far behind I am. 

 Thinking it would be a fast & easy project, I started the ruffled scarf today,
and was properly humbled by a Red Heart yarn.  I struggled so much with this scarf at first that I briefly tried the crochet version.  By the way, in case anyone else wants to try this stuff, the written instructions on Red Heart's website are a bit less than helpful.  What they DON'T mention is that you need to skip a loop between each stitch in order to get the ruffle.  Oh, and use wooden needles because this stuff is SLICK and if your metal needle slips out and hits the floor, trying to pick up the stitches with this crazy yarn will send you right onto the floor alongside your wayward needle.  Trust me.  Because I needed a little ego redemption AND because I've never had a yellow in this yarn before,
I did start a chemo cap, and only spent 30 minutes looking for my smaller circular needle before discovering it's currently in use by a WIP I'd forgotten about.  Some days, it's been longer...........

I tallied it up, and even counting the big behemoth ball of crochet cotton, I did not purchase more yarn than I've knit this year.  After almost two years, it could have happened, and I would like to pick up a few more things before climbing back onto the sheep, but I'm going to wait until the first of the year to climb back on, I think.  The ability to buy yarn seems to be giving my knitting a pretty serious boost right now, and I'm going to milk it just a bit...........