Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New First

It is possible that I just finished a project before even mentioning it on the blog. It's a Baby Surprise Jacket, one of Elizabeth Zimmermann's most popular patterns. We're doing a BSJ knit-a-long in the EZ Fans Yahoo Group and I finished mine this morning. According to my projects page on Ravelry, I started this in January--I believe I did it to have something to knit at stoplights or in the vet clinic.

I was really hoping for some cuter buttons, but out of all of these buttons
nothing else matched. I had high hopes of these
but the pink is just a bit too off for my taste.

I always love how the back pattern differs from the frontand babies are young enough not to complain about a big wide stripe going right across the rear end. Ah, those were the days.....

I seem to be back in my sidekick's good graces today. Calisto is a bit afraid of the noise from the downstairs closet and all the activity, but Theo is fascinated and has been pretty disgruntled about not getting to explore everything. It may not look like it, but thisis a kitty-gateway into curious kitty nirvana. He got loose twice while the bathroom door was open, and both times we had to fish him out of the walls. The first time I caught his back legs just as they were disappearing under that fluffy white insulation. The second time we weren't as fast and he had to be bribed with a shaking treat bag. I'm pretty sure our homeowner's insurance does not cover wall destruction to rescue a kitty--no matter how cute he is.