Saturday, April 16, 2016

Feline Friday

My day off was mostly spent with the cats alternating custody of me:
 Calisto is still new at Sewing Interference, but Theo is nothing short of a pro.  As soon as I looked like I might grab something else, he was ON IT.  I think they miss me. 

I did manage to get the new blocks sorted
pinned, and ready to be sewn:
 I'd hoped to finish the chiffon jacket,
but there's a part that isn't working, so I think I'll be hand-sewing that part into place.  Maybe I can get that done tonight or tomorrow.

Eventually (because this was Theo's favorite part), I got this
ready for quilting.  I think just a little stitch in the ditch is in order here--I don't want stippling to distract from how much I love this print.

I even finished the day with my table mostly cleared off, so I almost started cutting out the next project,
and I have this BIG container of fabrics prepped and ready to go right outside the sewing room door, but I really wanted to start a new jacket with some of my oldest fabric.  I spent a lot of time trying to talk myself out of it, because 25+ pieces with home decorating fabric isn't an easy project, and I have been pushing myself to make clothes I could actually wear to work, but I decided I'm creating stress for myself rather than enjoying sewing, so if I'm still wanting to do it tomorrow, I'll start cutting out the jacket.  My hip still can't take wearing normal pants, and there is quite a bit of moving around, so I decided to try hospital scrubs for pants--they're durable, have elastic waists, and some sort of look like slacks if one removes the oddly placed tags.  They work like a charm, so I've ordered several more pairs and can now sew without being stressed out and desperate for clothing. I'll bet I can wear sweaters with them this fall as well..................