Wednesday, November 25, 2015


When I had stepped off my sheep earlier this year, (among other things) I bought two balls of Vanna's Choice "Glamor" yarn--one in blue, one in sparkly-white--to use for the colorwork ornaments, and I was so motivated by finishing the latest ornament (and needing a LOT more projects finished in a short span of time), I went on a bit of a binge:
I AM LOVING THE SPARKLE!!!!!!!!  I am also REALLY wishing I'd bought the red sparkly colorway as well, but that's another story......

I had also bought a green wool yarn for the ornaments, and finally used it:
Have you guessed that this particular pattern is the fastest one?  I might be getting desperate, but I can be practical WHILE desperate.

I have been ironing and cutting fabrics, and when I finally had enough variety in the 1-inch strips, I decided to try another fabric bowl:
which I am very pleased with.  Using strips instead of scraps is much easier, but this is also a great way to use up scraps, so both are good.  I have found that when I'm trimming the edge of fabric for cutting other strips, that rough edge is PERFECT for bowls.  This bowl used 13 or 14 1-inch strips, and I have discovered that it is easier to work with strips that are thinner than 1-inch than it is to work with ones that are wider than 1-inch. 

13 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!