Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Snag, But A Good Snag

While I continue to make great strides with ornaments with 3 new mittens for the Holiday music dash,
 and two new french horn ornaments,
you might have noticed a spectacular lack of progress on my WIP-marathon.  I have actually been working on my WIPs, but most are still a very, very long way from completion.  I just turned the heel of Andy's second sock today, so I have high hopes for a finished WIP by the end of the month, but the project has reached a snag:
Our oldest niece just got engaged, and I bought this yarn last year "just in case" I would have need to make an engagement shawl.  In general, I'm not a big fan in marriage under the age of 25-28, but they've been together for 3 years and were friends before that and everyone really likes her fiance, so it's a good snag. Andy will make wooden wine goblets for their actual wedding gift, but I thought a lace shawl would make a great shower gift and be something special.  And mercifully the pattern is on size 7 needles, so the odds are fairly high I can get it done on time.  I haven't cast on just yet as I want to see if I can get the socks finished first--and maybe even a few more ornaments--but I'm not going to break my WIP-record this time around.  Maybe next year when I need 100 finished projects........................?

And I have to share this with you.  As you know, when my buying ban was up I placed an order with Nancy's Notions for a few things I'd had my eye on.  I've put them all away for right now and will dig them out when I get that "I-want-something-new" urge, but one item was on back order and just arrived:
Colored tailor's chalk--but "for professional use" only.  Really?  With all the sharp, pointy objects I am turned loose with in the sewing room and colored chalk is for professionals?  I shall try to be quite serious and professional when using it, I guess....................