Friday, May 6, 2011


I received a response from Hollands through the Better Business Bureau, and they are claiming

1. There's nothing wrong with my machine
2.  The designs I used for example are NOT Husqvarna designs, and since I specifically said they were, they're obviously then implying I lied about it.
and 3. THAT I'M STABILIZING IT WRONG.  Yep, after I used the exact same piece of embroidery that they used as their stupid example.

It's official.  I really hate them.  Can you believe this?  Oh, and remember when Jeeves came back from the first repair with more problems than when he went in AND without the back cover?  Holland's is claiming that they didn't charge me for that repair "as a courtesy."  Well, thank you for not charging me to break my machine.  That's big of you.

I have asked them to transfer the warranties to the dealer 142 miles away, refund the $60 "repair fee" and have sent pictures to the BBB.  I never want to see these bastards again.