Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time For A Little Intervention.....

I have 19 WIPs.

Granted, that's slightly less than the 24 I had at this time last year, but not by much. I think it's time for an intervention.

I am joining Ravelry's WIP Wrestlemania, set to kick off on July 1. Basically each team tries to finish as many existing projects as they can during the month of July. No prizes, really, except that my knitting might once again fit into my knitting bag--always a good sign. My first entry:the blanket for my youngest nephew, which will just need a few rows & I think I'll crochet a blue edging around it. It could really be done this month, but my Project of the Month is perhaps going to need a bit more attention to actually be finished this month, which is really the whole idea of a "project of the month." The first sock is now at the foot, and this picture shows the stitch pattern:

but this one shows the actual color:
I'll honestly be quite glad when they're done--not just because I'm not impressed with the design in the slightest, but purple socks always remind me of Donny Osmond on that show in the 1970s, so everytime I work on these socks I have that song of theirs running through my head..."I'm a little bit country....I'm a little bit rock & roll...."

Knitting should not have theme songs.