Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yikes! Has It Been A Week Already?

Random update time:

*  Because of the bullies at the U.S. Olympic Committee, the Ravelympics have been changed to the Ravellenics.  I think I like the new name.  The behavior of USOC has tainted the Olympics forever for me, so I'm pleased that the games will now have nothing to do with them at all.  There are discussions about changing the dates in the future or having the yearly, so maybe it's a good move after all.  I will not be bothering to update any of the verbiage on the blog.  Even if USOC is so petty as to start stalking blogs, the games WERE called the Ravelympics until USOC decided they owned even partial BITS of the word "Olympics," so I'll just add the following disclaimer:

Any mention of the word "Ravelympics" occurred before the jerks at the USOC decided to persecute anyone even using a fraction of the word "Olympics," so even in your wildest pettiness, I used the term before you decided to insult 2 million knitters.

That should get me off the hook.

 In a normal week, that might even mean a lot of knitting.  THIS week, however, was busy with stuff I swore I was finished with.  It's actually been 12 days since I've worked on anything but the baby sweater--which you would be seeing right now if I could find my camera (yes, I've been cleaning again--darn it).  Tomorrow is Finishing Friday, and I actually have no other plans, so I can actually craft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not even going to ANSWER my phone tomorrow--who knows, I may not even get dressed!