Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maybe Not

I don't know whether anyone has noticed that reality and I are not always on close terms--I know I probably hide it pretty well.  After emptying the sewing room filled up most of the available space upstairs, I really do seem to have expected that ALL of the fabric, yarn, and books would fit neatly into the new shelves,
once I got them back from Theo, of course.  I'm thinking I have underestimated the stash,
or overestimated the shelves.  Oops.  Andy is going to get cranking on the shelf that will join the two and run all the way across the wall, which will help.  I, however, need to get cranking on some sewing.

I was thrilled to have located my wrist pin cushion--I wear it so often that the little sewing I've tried to do while the sewing room has been packed up has generally led to at least two or three pin pricks in my wrist, which is a bit discouraging as it seems I don't jab them gently.  So, happy with my wrist protection, I thought I'd tackle this
which is meant to be "fleece lounge-wear," which sounds better than "nice-looking sweats."  Fleece takes up scads of room so if I sew it, I don't have to find a home for it.  Point number two in it's favor: the pattern is in the bag, which is highly important as the pattern stash is still in the "in some box or other" category.  Of course, the big strike against this one (besides the fact that I couldn't find my paper scissors and measuring tapes) is that no matter how long it's been since you've done any sewing, it's really hard to get excited about sewing fleece clothing in the spring.  So, there was a sidetrack to trying to A) find a summer-type pattern, B) find summer-type fabric in an appropriate weight/width/yardage to the pattern, and C) locate the blasted tape measures.  Which is why, at the end of my weekend, I am showing you:
WHEW!  Boy, it's hard not to be just completely OVERWHELMED with all that progress, isn't it???