Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still WIP-ing

(Had to add that little hyphen there to keep me out of the more colorful Google searches.)

The left front of the baby sweater is done, which I would be showing you if the battery on my camera weren't dead. Since I've been "organizing" the sewing room, it took a 20-minute search to locate the charger, but I did eventually find it and there will be pictures tomorrow.

Dem fischer sin fru actually got a lot of attention last night because it turns out that election returns actually come in very slowly. There were a few dropped stitches in my excitement over the huge voter turnout nationwide, but all in all, I got a few decent rows in. I'm still on clue #1 of course, but Imight finally be halfway through clue 1. I'm not ready to think about those 5 remaining clues just yet.

I've been sewing "thank you for letting me stay" gifts for an upcoming trip to see friends on the east coast, which I would also be showing you now. They're Christmas table-runners made from crepe-backed satin, and they're very simple but very elegant, so I think everyone will be pleased.

Tomorrow--battery willing--there will be pictures!