Monday, June 1, 2009

YIPPEE!!!! It's Socks!!!!!

I pulled out June's Project of the Month bag, and it's a pair of socks!!!Obviously, I'm highly excited--but then again, I'm excited about ANYTHING new lately. Still, I haven't made socks in a while, so this is exciting.

May's Project of the Month, cotton washcloths, could be considered quite a success. This is dishcloth number 13 I believe. Sometimes I'm very, very thorough.

And.....The edging isn't quite done, and this needs to be washed & blocked and I know white on white makes a lousy picture, but I've had some problems getting a photoand Theo did find me out as soon as I got the pictures snapped. Changing sheets is one of his favorite games:Which means house guests have probably wondered about the enormous amounts of hair in the bed, but they're always polite & don't mention it.

The kitty wake up calls, however, have been discussed a few times. Good thing we don't tell them about the mouse that was turned loose in the guest room!