Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Stashdashing!

Meet the first stashdash finished objects:
That's 691 yards used up from stash on these two, which doesn't count the yarn used for Andy's sweater, which now has two sleeves and is waiting until I exchange the zipper (not scary) and cut the remaining steek (pretty much scary) and figure out how to attach a zipper to knitting (definitely scary).  Which is why the socks got all the attention this weekend.

Speaking of scary projects,
the spring jacket is moving along.  I've gotten used to the fabric sliding around, and I figured out a way to mark the buttonholes without marking on the fabric,
though my bright idea to hold the tear-away stabilizer in place using quilting basting spray didn't work.  I bought the home decorating fabric I'm using on clearance, and I'm only now sort of positive that it was normal home deco fabric and not something meant for outdoor use, as the material has very obviously been treated with something.  I'm hoping that it means that it will repel dirt as well, but these things never seem to work like that.  With my luck it will somehow attract grease, get all weird when it gets wet, and possibly even blow up when hung a bit lopsided in the closet.  Hey, it could happen.............