Saturday, August 3, 2013

Staying Strong!

While I have taken time to make a few ornaments to keep on track,
but have remained quite dedicated to the Alice Starmore sweater:
It might have made more sense to start with a faster WIP, but this is a fun pattern, and it's interesting.  I now have 3 and a half pattern repeats done, and at 4 and a half the next step happens, so even though it will take a while, I think it will stay interesting. 

Speaking of taking a while,
it seams that the stress of Andy's absence brought on a relapse for my sidekick, so Theo and I made a quick trip to the vet yesterday for another pain shot.  He's sleepy, but isn't hurting and is able to urinate in small amounts, so we're making progress again.   They think he's just more susceptible to stress because it's still so soon after the extreme stress of boarding, but I had no idea how stressed this little guy's life actually is.  Honestly, I was surprised that creatures that sleep 18 out of every 24 hours actually GET this stressed.  Of course, considering how many tummy-rubs he's gotten today, I am surprised he experiences ANY stress......