Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The last spicy spiral table runner is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I love these, and am tremendously pleased with how they turned out, but WOW, are they complicated! 

In spite of a busy 3-day weekend, I also finished the latest socks,
and the second Magic-themed table runner:
 58 finished projects so far this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still have a table runner I need to finish by mid-June for another anniversary gift, but Andy has been loving the shirt I made him for Valentine's Day, 
so I decided to try to make the shirt I originally bought the pattern to make.  It's been on my project list as "colorblocks peachskin shirt for Andy" for a while, so I did actually remember what the fabric looked like, but when I had Andy help me dig it out,
I don't know WHAT we were thinking when we bought this.  I'd even sent a picture of it to Andy before I bought it, but looking at it yesterday, we both realized this is fabric Andy would NEVER wear.  EVER.  Luckily, I would, so it's no real loss, but this might help explain the fabric stash just a bit..........