Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Ravelympics are Coming! The Ravelympics are Coming!

Some of you might remember that I had a really good time with the Ravelympics two years ago....

And it's almost time for them again!!!!!!!!!!

The mass cast-on is July 27, so I have some time to decide which events to enter.  As always, the event list cracks me up:
afghan marathon afghans, blankets 
baby dressage baby items: anything baby 
bag-n-tote backstroke bags, totes, containers 
balance beads beaded items 
cable steeplechase cables of all kinds 
cast-on trap shoot cast on mania 
RULE: 1/3 into project (% yds) completed to qualify; projects can’t cross compete in other events
charity rowing items for charity 
colourwork crosscountry colourwork, fair-isle,
cowl jump cowls, infinity scarves; things for neck joined in loop 
double-knit boxing double knit technique 
felted freestyle all things made then felted 
frogging trampoline frogging projects 
RULE: only deep hibernation projects (1+yr on needles); projects can’t cross compete in other events
hand-dye high dive hand dyeing of yarn or fiber 
handspun heptathlon spinning event: fleece/fiber to spun yarn 
hat dash hats, all things head wear 
holiday hurdles gift knitting for 2012; holiday themed items 
home stuff hammerthrow home accessories 
lace longjump laceweight or finer yarns (For thread, Size 10 thread or finer); and lace patterns 
mitten medley mittens, gloves, any hand/arm covers 
modular relay modular techniques; creating modular bits /items to use later
RULE: state your goal (ie: 20 hexipuffs; 40 dish cloths; 50 mitered blocks); projects can’t cross-compete in other events
rhythmic machinastics machine knitters event 
scarf hockey all things scarves 
shawl sailing shawls, wraps, stoles, ponchos 
single skein sprint one skein projects 
sock put socks 
swatching coxswain making proper 4x4 swatches 
RULE: must follow specific criteria (to be announced soon); projects can’t cross-compete in other events
sweater triathlon all sweaters, vest, cardigans, pullovers, shrugs, boleros 
synchronized stash busting using only stash that’s 1+yrs old 
toy toss toys, amigurumi 
weaving vault weavers event 
RULE: projects can’t cross compete in other events
wips wrestling wips only 
RULE: not touched since May 15 2012; projects can’t cross compete in other events

EXHIBITION SPORTS non-medal events for fun only
British Cricket all things British themed
Olympic Glory Anything with an Olympic theme. See the various patterns and books for inspiration: Olympiknits, Knitlympics for starters. Or an olympic flame, mascots…etc.
Yarn Bombing/Storming let us see what fun things crop up during the Olympics. Caveat: Please follow all local rules and regulations in your area, and get whatever permissions are needed for your installation.

Of course, the event list makes me want to do all the events now--it  even makes me want to do real, proper gauge swatches just to do something involving the word "coxswain."  We don't get to use that much out here.  It's my understanding that rowing teams tend to prefer flat, non-white water rivers, and we just don't have any of those.  You get a guy going down the river in the front of a boat facing backwards out here, and "stroke, stroke" is NOT going to be the first thing that pops into his mind to be shouting I would guess--maybe not even in the top 20.................