Monday, July 14, 2014

Suck It Up

Now that the party is over, I'm caught up on the canning, and the garden is going to have to get along without me until we drop below 100, I am concentrating on my hip again, so this morning I went down to the gym for some weight lifting and some pool walking. 

I've decided that it must be something about being almost naked around a bunch of strangers that really brings out the best in people, because I always meet such nice people when I'm in the pool.  Today was Wilma, who is 82 and who goes to the gym 6 days a week.  While we were talking, another woman showed up who has had both legs amputated below the knee and who is apparently a Monday-Wednesday-Friday regular.  I think any excuse I can come up with for not exercising has just been annihilated, so I'm going to drag my sorry self there again tomorrow morning. 

After spending time with them, I came home determined to tackle that blasted table runner and stitched the remaining red ribbons:
and almost decided that every project doesn't have to be loved.  Originally, I had planned to stitch the white ribbons with red thread, but if this has any chance of laying flat, I think those white ribbons need to be able to move.  From here the ribbons went to soak in the sink with some leftover pieces of wash-away stabilizer, which is starch, and some blocking and ironing.  I think it has improved a lot--we'll find out tomorrow.

Still motivated by my new friends and thinking that honestly, even gauze can't really be worse than sewing on ribbons,
I dug out the gauze and a water bottle to smooth out wrinkles in the fabric as I laid it out to cut.  This will be tomorrow's after-workout project...provided I'm still mobile.  These 80-year-old ladies are a tough crowd to run with.........................