Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Ravelympics - Day 12

Bob:  We're back at the 2010 Ravelympics.  It's been 12 grueling days of extreme knitting, and I think the strain on the competitors may be starting to show.

Ron:  I think you're right, Bob.  With just one sleeve and the button bands left to go, I think Ms. Sutton is starting to lose some steam. 

Bob: The pressure of knitting an entire sweater in 17 days is extremely high, and not many knitters can cope with that sort of project dedication.  Not normally an extremely monogamous knitter, I've been surprised that Ms. Sutton has shown the dedication that she has.

Ron:  Good point, Bob.  She's surprised us all by getting this far, and I think we might just see the end of the 10th skein of yarn tonight.

Bob:  That would definitely make up for the lack of knitting earlier today.  There was the early deciding-to-try-making-pad-thai-for-lunch distraction, and then this afternoon, I was afraid for a minute that we had lost her entirely.

Ron:  You don't mean......

Bob:  Yes, Ron, I'm afraid I do.  Ms. Sutton was actually cleaning the sewing room today instead of knitting.

Ron:  No!!!!!!!

Bob:  Sad to say, we have it on good authority Ms. Sutton actually sorted, dusted, filed AND gained about 3 feet of visible floor space.  Definitely a sign that the pressure is getting to her.

Ron:  It happens to so many young knitletes.  They think they can handle it, but sooner or later, the pressure gets to them.  Tell me...she wasn't....she didn't.....

Bob:  No, no--she didn't vacuum, so she may not be over the edge entirely.  

Ron:  Whew!  That's a relief!  Perhaps with a little rest--and maybe a glass or two of wine--she'll be back on track tomorrow.

Bob:  I certainly hope so for Ms. Sutton's sake.   Join us here tomorrow for our continuing coverage of the 2010 Ravelympics.

2010 - Ravelympics Day 11

Ron:  We're back, ladies and gentlemen, at the 2010 Ravelympics.  It's been a tense 24 hours here, but with some quality tubby rubbing time
the hostage situation has been cleared up and Ms. Sutton is back on track for the Sweaterboard Cross.

Bob:  She's certainly faced some challenges during the games, but she buckled down today with new determination and we have definitely seen some major progress today.

Ron:  We certainly have, Bob.  One sleeve is completed, the second is cast on, and for the first time it looks possible that Ms. Sutton will not only finish her sweater, but possibly finish it early

Bob:  Anything is possible at this stage, Ron.  She's definitely playing a smart game right now.  She's knitting the sleeves on double pointed needles to eliminate the need for seams, and it really seems to be paying off for her.

Ron:  It certainly does, Bob.  She's a much faster knitter than purler, so switching to circulars for the stockinette-stitch sleeves has definitely gained her some time. 

Bob:  Tell us about the upcoming neckband.

Ron:  It could be a challenge for her, Bob.  The pattern calls for picking up stitches along the left side and around one half of the neck, finishing that band, marking for buttons, then making the right neckband, which will have to be sewn together at the back of the neck.  It may be tempting for her to knit it all in one piece, but that would make the buttonhole placement a bit trickier--though not impossible--and would make a solid neckband instead of one joined by a seam. 

Bob:  And which do you think Ms. Sutton is most likely to attempt?

Ron:  If she's pressed for time, she'll probably attempt an all-in-one.  Risky, but fewer steps.  If she stays ahead of schedule, I think she'll take the more conservative approach and go for the two pieces.  

Bob:  With less than 6 days remaining, anything could happen.  Keep it tuned right here for more exciting coverage of the 2010 Ravelympic games!