Thursday, May 21, 2009


I think it might be an addiction.....
Theo can no longer stand the sight of cotton dishcloths...Are there knitting interventions????

On the sewing front, I decided that if indeed I need to take a break from a sewing project because of fatigue from the surgery, that would qualify as a "darn good reason," so I have ventured into the tablecloth project. I think all the strips are cut out for a "rail fence" layout, and now I just need to decide if the black or the green looks best next to the strawberry print:
One moment I like the black better, then the next minute it's the green. The green actually matches MUCH better than it looks like it does in the picture. Earlier today I was leaning toward the green, but now I'm back to the black. I do NOT remember them mentioning indecision as part of the surgery recovery process!!!!