Saturday, January 4, 2014


I am not about to say that there is anything good about being sick,
but at least it isn't a total loss.  Aside from needing buttons, the Baby Surprise Jacket is done, and project number 3
is on its way.  It's going to be a Mr. Flurry snowman like this one,
 and will oddly enough use up my very last bit of white Red Heart acrylic yarn.  With all the yarn I have and the huge stash of acrylic yarn I've always had, there is one I will run out of and it will be the cheap stuff.  Weird.  

I am feeling better, thankfully, and have been able to start taking down Christmas decorations today.  One tree is completely down and boxed, which is probably enough of a start for one day.  I had wanted to do some sewing today, but was in kind of a funk.  We gave several of the rope baskets away for Christmas, and while most people were quite thrilled with them, we also had people joking about them as fezzes.  I don't know, it may just be me, but I think mocking a gift you have been given makes you an ass, and while I know the people in question have very poor social skills anyway, it took the fun out of the baskets for me for a bit.  I shouldn't let it--everyone else was thrilled and I need to focus on those people instead--but it is frustrating, and the mockers are permanently off my craft-worthy list.  Luckily, this year it will be Andy's turn to make gifts anyway, so I'll have time to work on something really cool for 2015 for those still on my list.  :)