Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The New Issue of Knitter's Magazine Has Arrived...

...and it has reinforced my decision to cancel my subscription.

Not that I'm criticizing them--I've been subscribing for a very long time and they have provided me with some pretty amazing sweaters.  It's just that since knitting has become "trendy" the patterns have become "trendy," and if I am going to spend a year or two (you never know here at WIP Central) working on a sweater, I want it to still be in style by the time I finish it. Provided that I ever do, of course. 

So, I flipped through the magazine, noticed there isn't a single thing I will ever knit, and put it in the bookshelf in the sewing room.  Why not just throw it out?  I was raised by packrats.  It's true. My parents moved into their house when I was 4, and until last summer when their basement was flooded, there were still boxes that hadn't been unpacked since they moved it 30+ years before.  They kept everything.  Somewhere down there, my Ballerina Barbie whose face was half chewed off by a mouse probably still exists--along with a Malibu Barbie who had some sort of tragic run-in with Silly Putty and was never the same since.  It's just impossible to rate the nostalgia value of such items....

So, my magazines go into the shelf until a point about two years hence when I will get frustrated with the overflowing shelves and sit down to sort through all of my old knitting magazines, and if I make it through more than two or three without dropping everything to cast on some MUST HAVE pattern lurking since June of 98, I may finally donate the magazine with all it's "so '09" patterns to the library.

Who says I don't have a system?