Friday, November 8, 2013

I Did It!

I have been to a fabric store WITHOUT going crazy!  Actually, I've been to two. 

The morning started with tracking down Calisto and dropping her off at the vet's on my way to physical therapy.  I was worried she might have worms, and decided that even I have limits on my vacation, so thought she was best in the hands of professionals.  I grew up on a cattle ranch and have wormed horses and done all sorts of bizarre things, but Calisto has never been given medication of any sort outside her normal shots, and before risking life and limb to do it, I wanted to make sure it was necessary.  And I have been rewarded for my sins with 10 days of antibiotics to give her twice a day.  Because what's more fun than medicating one cat--why, medicating TWO cats.

Not surprisingly, my back was was pretty wound up for therapy, so the massage was painful, but I finished up just when the stores were opening at 9:00, and decided to take the plunge anyway.  I had a "25% off your total purchase" coupon for Joanns, and I figured with my list, it would make a huge difference. 
...which it did.  Besides the boring stuff (stabilizer, fusible webbing, velcro, elastic), I found flannel for new pajamas for Andy,
 and myself:
Three pairs seems really excessive until one sees the state of my existing flannel pjs.  Of course, I'm really, really, REALLY hoping to spend less of my life in pajamas this winter and part of me is superstitious enough to think that if I am prepared for it, I'll be less likely to need them.  After two years, one clings to any and all hopes. 

I added two yards of new Christmas fabric,
which probably wasn't exactly necessary, but Christmas table runners are coming up on my list of gifts to make, and I had two gingerbread-themed prints which this will match, and my true red-white-green fabrics were running low.  I also got the black peachskin I've been thinking about for a couple years.  I have the green paisley peachskin wardrobe from several years ago and I love it, but having a similar set in black will expand my wardrobe drastically. 

I ended up visiting two fabric stores,
and FINALLY found a fabric that can work for the green quilt I started 3 (?) years ago.  It's a poly-cotton blend, so I'll have to be careful to keep the quilt out of the sun as the cotton will fade but not this, but I have been hunting something to work for this for years.  I grabbed two yards, which will get the quilt top finished.  I'll need more black cotton to finish it, and I think I might swing into Joanns with another 40% off coupon to grab that while I'm sick of shopping.  It's the last thing on my list that I'll need before embarking on year TWO of a crafting buying ban, and I'd just like to be done with shopping and on to playing with fabric.  How weird is that????

 I grabbed some more felt,
so I'm set for ornaments for another year.  And, 
the fabric on the left is for a fall jacket.  I have some that's heavier, which will work for something else, but not for this pattern,
and while I'm learning to make jackets with home decorating fabric, I want to stick to the same pattern for a bit.  I'll use it on the yellow floral material as well, which will be for the "Me-Made-May" challenge.  If you haven't heard of that, the idea is to wear something you've made every single day for a month.  I've never tried it before, but I think it could be fun to try, and layers seem to be the best idea. 

The cream-colored fabric on the right is for,
This is a bag making kit from Nancy's Notions.  Over the past year, I'd kept a "wish list" and added and subtracted things to it as I lost interest or changed my mind.  When the spending ban ended, the things I ordered the things I felt like I really, truly wanted (within reason).  This bag kit has been on the list actually a little longer than a year.  You make part of it with the embroidery machine, and I wanted a way to play with this without having a lot of different fabrics.  What I'm hoping will work is matching existing colored fabrics with the cream home decorating fabric for different effects.  I won't know for a while as I've put the box away for now.  When I feel like I really need something new, I'll drag out the box.  For now, I'm still having fun with the ornaments and am eying one of the new soon as I get the buttonholes done on the white one. 

And last but certainly not least, 
color-work ornament #11 is done, number 12 is started,
and with two new trees this morning,
I have 334 ornaments for the year!   And I still have so many ornaments I want to make.  I thought I might be tired of it by now, but I have decided I need to keep a list of ornament ideas so I don't forget them.  Next year, I think I'm going to host an ornament-making party with my girlfriends--maybe the first weekend in November?  I'll have to think about the logistics, but I think it could be fun.  By then I'll have quite a stack of patterns, and maybe everyone can just bring felt and beads and we can dig in?  In the meantime, 31 left to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!