Friday, March 26, 2010

Not Exactly "Finishing" Friday.....

....but definitely a "progress" Friday.

the attack of the coasters!!!  Here they ALL are--in their little desperately-trying-to-rack-up-projects glory.

Now....what did I do today?
Remember this quilt from.........well, not recently?  I thought it was time to get at least one of the quilt tops at least a little closer to being finished.  Not to mention
someone really likes quilting.

First, we added the green pieces to the two remaining sides--

(first managing to sew the strips into right angles before the caffeine kicked in)
then we cut out the backing (and just in case you were wondering, that was an extremely crooked cut), but there is BIG news!
Look at that!!!!!! NO BIG FREAKIN' PUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah.......kicking some quilting but & taking names!!!!!!!!  Well, until
It seems that the Quilting Gods are both fierce and fast.  Smugness over the lack of puckers will automatically qualify you for problems combining decorative stitching and a walking foot.  It turns out that this is the one and only time that changing the sewing speed really does matter.  Still, the overall effect is nice
Theo decided to stand guard just in case the Quilting Gods decided to strike again
.......or at least until there was some clean laundry in need of furring
which is an important step here at Chateau Sutton-Goar.  Not to mention, it gave me a chance to take some pictures:
 I think I want to repeat the decorative stitching on the plain squares
to add a little interest.  At first I was just going to do the green squares, but I think it would look better to do the red as well, which will take more time, but the stitch-in-the-ditch quilting of the squares is just over half finished already, so this could actually be finished at the next Finishing Friday.  Provided, you know, that I actually work on it.......

Maybe it's time for a little incentive.........