Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It Must Have Been Too Much For Me

The shock of walking out of Joanns for less than $6 must have been too much for my system, because I now have a cold!  Seriously, two months dragging around with bronchitis, and I get a cold.  AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!

I still did Me Made Monday yesterday while dragging myself to my annual "women's wellness" exam.  I thought about rescheduling, but why ruin a perfectly good day with THAT exam?  So,
I wore one of my favorite sweaters--after I steamed the wrinkles out of it.  I made this in 2010 with an alpaca/tencel blend that I bought in BAGS from Elann.com, probably in 2006.  This is the third sweater I've made with this yarn, and I think I have enough still in my stash to make 5 more--luckily, not all in this color.  It is nice yarn, but WARM.  I made Andy a sweater from it, and he almost never wears it because it's so warm, so there are 5 more sweaters FOR ME with this yarn.  Ahem.......

I came home and slept after my appointment, but by evening I was feeling good enough for some knitting,
and the Sitcom Chic is moving along nicely.  There's a lot to be said for stockinette stitch.  I was a bit concerned because I headed to my appointment with NO purse knitting, but as it turns out, I wouldn't have had time--they got me right in, the doctor came right in, and I was out and on my way in less than 30 minutes.  That works!  I'm being very good with this project and I was afraid to distract myself before it was finished, but needing 20 new things for Me Made Mondays is helping my determination.  So much so that this,
 now has all the pieces attached.  Somehow the sleeves aren't actually even, but I attached the cuffs anyway because they're off by a similar amount on each side and whatever happened, they still match.  I'm still not thrilled with the top stitching, but now I'm just pushing to finish this thing.  It won't be my favorite project ever, but it can be a FINISHED project.  I already have 2 more fabrics lined up for this jacket pattern, so the corduroy adventure hasn't hurt my opinion of the PATTERN, but I might need some time apart from the corduroy before tackling the shirt that I cut out from the same fabric.  And NO colored top stitching on it!

I did get to play with this,
which is the new point-turner I bought after Christmas.  The only corners on this jacket are on the front, but I've struggled to get a decent point after attaching the facing, and even with a heavier fabric, it worked really well.  YAY!  Like anyone but me would notice.....

Now I just need to decide if being hyped up on cold medicine will help or hurt my sewing............