Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 26 - The Year of the Stash

I have finally found a way to finish the baby blankets from last weekend, and I prefer to look at it as exploring my options rather than getting my tail kicked by the serger. I resorted to decorative stitching

which I think looks rather nice. When I bought my sewing machine 2 years ago, I wasn't sure if I would use the decorative stitching capabilities, but I use them all the time. In a few more years, I might even be willing to admit what I paid for the machine....

The January sweater is almost done--as is January--and what have I done?????? Joined a lace knit-a-long. The good side is that when it is done I will have used up 2100 yards and 5 hanks of yarn. The bad side is that those 2000 yards really don't take up much room in the stash & when all 5 are gone the only thing I will have accomplished is that the rubber tub containing lace yarn will be LESS overflowing. What I need are a few KALs involving bulky-weight yarn--where is the Mystery Afghan when you need it?

Anyway, I have cast on the dem fischer sin fru:

My yarn is a little heavier than the yarn called for, but not by much. I had another yarn option, but being The Year of the Stash, the yarn that would use 5 hanks versus 4 skeins won out--how sad is that?????