Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday

So, that was a fast almost-2-weeks.  I did remember Me Made Mondays,
though neither of them count for "new" items.  I need to pick up the pace on those a bit as it's almost December..  Speaking of timing issues, this
arrived last week. I can only assume this has been bouncing around in the mail for 3 months or that "pre-order now" refers to Christmas 2017.  Okay, yes, every crafter I know DOES actually have insanely unrealistic expectations of how fast we can make Christmas gifts, but I think most of us at least expect stores to have more sense than we do.  That's what they're there for. 

Last weekend Andy and I popped down to Twin Falls for the weekend to get Emma fixed,
and Larry was able to replace the part while we were there, so I have two working Husqvarnas!  And,
a new quilting foot to play with.  The one I have for the Bernina has a guide, and I really like it, but the feed dogs pull very hard and there's no changing foot pressure on it, so since I was there anyway, I did a little shopping.  If I'm going to spend money, I'd much prefer to give it to great local stores like Twin Falls Sewing Center.  I don't know what Theo thinks of the new foot,
but he is enjoying some sewing time.  And I might have celebrated getting my embroidery machine fixed with some new embroidery designs....
And I'm working on some projects I might have bought designs for a while ago:
but at least are finished in time for Christmas.  Technically, this is Andy's year to make gifts, but my hours at the music store were horrific (because you can do that to salaried people), so Andy ended up fixing dinner and doing all the grocery shopping and the cleaning and pretty much everything else around the house while I was there.  So, I can certainly pitch in and help with gifts.  Especially since I'm still 18 yards short of my fabric goal for the year..............