Monday, November 22, 2010

Anyone Else Tired of Cornucopias Yet?

Things to be thankful for:

     1.  There is a finished project 93

     2.  It is a cornucopia, and it looks like the preceding FIVE cornucopias, which is just as well as that is actually what I'm aiming for.

     3.  The cornucopias really make nice gifts

     4.  We actually get to keep one this year, which is nice because I ended up giving away all the ones I made last year

     5.  The decorative cord is half-attached to cornucopia #7

     6.  When all 11 of the darn things are finished, I will have used up just over 96 yards of fabric for the year, and have finished 98 projects so far this year

     7.  There aren't 12 of them