Tuesday, October 13, 2020

It's Been A Long Year

What a ghastly year.  Besides the fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the pandemic, I am truly and utterly appalled by the realization that there are people who just don't care about others.  I just don't know what to say to people who are okay with those dying of coronavirus if they have "underlying conditions."  When did people become this awful?  215,000 deaths in the US now and I miss my "normal" life as much as anyone, but other people's lives matter.  I can't even believe this is debatable.

The new job REALLY keeps me busy, and for a few weeks I was was so stressed out that even with drugs, I could only sleep about 4 hours a night, but it's gotten better.  Hopefully.  I work a lot of hours--sometimes 12-14 hour days, so some days off I just rest, but there has been some sewing.  We have new, "fun" masks,

I have met the worst fabric ever made,

which will hopefully become shirts for both of us without killing me.  The drape is truly beautiful, but it is easily the hardest fabric I've met.  It's a moleskin/microsuede, which is usually fine once you get the hang of it, but this one isn't like the others.  I've had it so long that I don't even know exactly what it was labeled as, but I now understand why it was on clearance.  

Luckily I'd made some flannel pajamas for myself with these lovely butterflies before tackling the shirt, so I'm still almost positive that I enjoy sewing.

The cats think this is the best year of their lives because the humans are almost always home, and we chase water droplets in the shower,

We enjoy warm socks--each in our own way:

 We've sorted through some of our plush fabrics,

and we've learned some new features on THE sewing machine,

including how to keep a kitten from eating thread as I sew.  

Andy ordered a Gumby DVD set because I'd actually never seen the original show, and it came with two "blockhead" figurines, and to liven up being home, we've been taking turns hiding one of them in plain site for the other to "discover." 

Lucky for us, we can probably keep this up for several more months.  And if we lose interest, we always have Charlie: