Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just Made It

The Christmas socks are done,
and came very, VERY close to sending me back to mostly toe-up socks.  Out of a 100-gram ball with 458 yards of yarn, I finished with this:
I have no idea what I actually would have done had they required any more yarn, since I don't have any more of this AND it's been discontinued, but I do love knitting on the edge.  Not that I'm not making a note in my project book to make the legs slightly shorter for this particular recipient.  Once is fine, but I don't want to press my luck too much.  I try to save THAT sort of behavior for lace.

Lately I've been feeling nauseous almost constantly instead of just afternoons as I had been, so I have decided to try going off the pain pills entirely.  The spine specialist said to take them for 2 weeks after my back stopped hurting, but I don't think I'm going to get better if I can't exercise, and I can't exercise when I'm nauseous, so today is my first pill-free day in over a year.  I'm sore, but it also feels rather good, so
I finished a matching hat that I'd cut out with the dress,  made 2 full sets of Ivory icicles,
AND I have finally finished the third knitted ball ornament.  
3 down, 52 left to go!  Ahem.................

Feeling optimistic, I rounded up and ironed the fabric for the next sewing projects: 
a black and white summer dress for me, and turquoise summer pants and shirt for Andy.  When this is all gone, I'll have used another 9.5 yards of fabric from the stash.  I haven't quite figured out when fabric-usage will officially be a full-blown obsession, but I might just be approaching it.  Aside from being the fastest way to gain space in the sewing room, I didn't make any new clothes last year and I could certainly use a few.  Then, of course, we can throw in with my need to have a maniacal yardage goal to obsess over every year, AND the fact that the back problems made sitting (and sewing) problematic and the back problems have even made me excited to vacuum--well, I think we can all guess how THIS is going to turn out, can't we?