Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vacation Number 2

Andy is off on a business trip tomorrow, and aside from a dental appointment, physical therapy appointment, and a couple trips to the gym, I am planning to spend the next 3 days crafting.  YAY!

And, with fabrics ironed and lightly starched and ready to go on the new kimono ornaments
as an incentive, I am finishing up the 4 remaining spring table runners.  I walked 4 miles this morning and did a little gardening, so I'm taking a break to do a little quilting on number 4:
this time alternating two stitches to see how it turns out.  I prepped all three last night,
 so they were ready to go if I had some free time today.

While I was at it, I also put together a practice piece
to try my hand at stippling later.  I think I could really like it, and could use it on one of the table runners.   I'm repeating the same project over and over to get better at quilting and to practice techniques, so it would be the perfect time to try it if the practice goes well.  Speaking of techniques to improve,
last year when my mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I sent her a link to my wishlist at Nancy's Notions.  I have never been a real "gadget" sort of person, but I hate binding quilts, and after seeing these on Sewing With Nancy, I thought I might try them for machine stitching the binding.  There are 4 guards for different quilt thicknesses, and by setting the guard against the quilt, it theoretically holds the binding so that one can stitch in the ditch on the front and catch the binding on the back.  It doesn't look quite as nice as hand-stitching it down, but since it is the back, I can get over it.  I used it on the first runner and only missed the binding on the back twice--a new record for me.  For the second one,
I used a decorative stitch instead, which I think could have some possibilities--maybe an accent stitch, maybe an accent color brought back in with the binding--a good technique to know, and also from Sewing with Nancy, though surprisingly, not one that requires buying anything. 

I also have Jeeves fired up this morning to make some new lace ornaments.  
 I had sworn that I wasn't going to use lace ornament sets as finished projects any more, but maybe just one more set wouldn't hurt....

And, while I did very little knitting on our trip,
 the Kimono Shawl had quite a bit of progress on it before we left as I was very good and trying to rest like I'm supposed to do.  There are 25 pattern repeats for the shawl, and since casting on on August 1, 6 repeats are done.  That's downright speedy for lace, don't you think?
 I think someone's glad we're home.............