Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WIP Marathon Continues!!!!!

So far, Jennifer might be our front-runner in the WIP contest, having finished 5 so far. I think I'm going to be making two or three divisions--small projects versus large projects, and maybe a third for crochet. I want to make the contest fair enough to keep everyone motivated. So, no one get discouraged! We're all in this together and all projects will count!

I have spent tonight undoing & redoing last night's work. Smart knitters double-check patterns quite often. Others of us choose to live on the edge and plow ahead blithely in spite of all previous experience with knitting disasters. Last night I noticed that one sleeve looked okay after being attached to the body
but see those increases on this sleeve?
Those are supposed to be on the underside of the sleeve, not the topside. Oops.

So, after tinking several rows while swearing to the Knitting Gods that I would finally this time learn to start double checking, I tried again

and everything is where it should be. Now the question is, if I keep screwing up and ultimately knit a project twice, is that one or two WIPs finished???

Of course, the most important thing is on that side panel--71 balls of stash used up this year!!!! If I use just 4 more, I'll have finally used up the number of balls of yarn I bought in December to "get ready" for the Year of the Stash. Obviously, I couldn't have accumulated a stash the size of a small-ish yarn shop if I was capable of any rational thought when buying yarn, but I thought that was especially telling. I wish I could say that one order was my only yarn purchase for the year, but I think we all know how unbelievable that would be. Still, I have now knit over 6 miles of yarn so far this year--Whoo hoo!!!!