Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sewing Furniture!

As a pretty accomplished woodworker, Andy would probably like it known that this is in no way reflects his general building standard, but this weekend he made me a temporary sewing desk:
so we could get our folding table back to use for parties.  It's not pretty, but I am VERY excited, and it's going to be far more stable than the plastic tables I've been using.  He put it together yesterday and today he is assembling it in the sewing room,

 with Theo's help, of course, which is actually FAR more helpful than his "help" with the painting:

I think Theo's pretty happy with the new arrangement--at least far happier than he was about the paw scrubbing he got yesterday,
and now I can start putting part of the sewing room back together while Andy works on the shelving.  Yay!!!!