Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blame It On The Tomatoes

I've been canning like a maniac this week--the last of the tomatoes, both green and red--so knitting time has been pretty limited. I needed a simple project to pick up and work on for a few minutes, and not being able to cast on a plain sock, I started the sleeves of "Ruched Magic" by Lily Chin.

The back has been finished for a year or so, the front is half finished & ran into a problem that will require a little frogging & more attention than I have right now, but the sleeves are a delightfully simple K1, P1 rib with regularly scheduled increases.

Theo is not helping me today, being a bit in disgrace. We had snow last night, and rather than going outside at night and possibly getting his paws wet, he decided to wake the humans up at 1:30 to keep him company. These might be part of the problem:My all-too-sexy slipper socks with google eyes. Theo seems to consider them as invaders, or perhaps younger siblings:Maybe we'll all play a little nicer once we've all had a nap.