Friday, April 11, 2014

Moderation Friday

I am a slow, slow learner with the back thing, but even I have realized that I probably can't seven days of a sewing vacation in a row.  Channeling common sense I don't normally possess in these matters, I'm also thinking that walking in the pool 2 days this week was a stretch for me, so walking in the pool today might fall into the "too much" category, so I'm going to walk over to the gym, lift weights (lots of reps, lowest weight) and walk back.  That will be about 3 miles, so a decent walk but not as hard as walking in the pool.  After that, we'll see.  We have a birthday party to attend tonight, so I won't do any gardening today as I haven't found "moderation" in gardening yet, so I'm not sure what else I'll be doing today.  Maybe working in the greenhouse.  I might be able to finish cutting out the new pajamas, as that falls in the "relatively safe activity" category, and would prepare me for a second sewing day tomorrow.  :)