Sunday, April 6, 2014

Not the Strongest First Quarter.......

In different circumstances, I might be upset that I ended the first quarter of the year with only 3 yards of fabric used and 19 projects finished.  However, how I really ended the first quarter was with a fever and the stomach flu, so being a bit behind was not the biggest problem.  I wasn't feeling really better until Friday, and still wouldn't be up for Mexican food or tuna fish just yet, but I'm definitely better.  Yesterday I even started sewing Andy's Valentine pajamas,
and discovered that a mannequin of even the wrong sex makes pinning facings like this
almost easy.  Luckily Andy is a very secure man and won't be troubled that I'm using a female dummy for his clothing.  And he's not likely to complain about finally getting his gift almost two months late and
when it's almost warm enough to not need flannel pajamas. There is always next year.....

I also made some lace ornaments yesterday.
 The French horn is part of the ornament set I bought to celebrate the end of my spending ban, so they're still pretty new to me and still quite exciting.  And the free-standing lace ornaments are REALLY easy to store, which is quite important when one has 100+ new ornaments in a year.  If I'd have gotten all 55 color-work balls done in one year--THAT might have been a problem. 

Luckily, the thing that is likely to be finished next,
will not be needing storage space as it will go out as a gift this year.  The back, both fronts, and one sleeve are now done, and I've made a bit of progress on the second sleeve.  I think it's going to be QUITE adorable.  AND a Finished Object.I just need 81 more...............