Saturday, June 21, 2008

Knitting and I Needed "Time Apart" Today

I think I've had a swoopy overdose--I've started dreaming of mohair.

So today was declared Sewing Saturday. I had planned to make some summer clothes for Andy, but got waylaid by some very lovely flannel

for pajamas for Andy. Which would be so appropriate right now as it was over 90 degrees today.

Theo was his normal overly-excited self:and I am very proud to say that I caught this mistake before I actually cut out the material:
Note to self: Stacking pieces of material right-side up enables you to cut out exact duplicates of pattern pieces--not mirror images. At least if I can't stop myself from making mistakes, I am learning to double-check myself.

Tonight we have:
Finished pajama bottoms! And even more exciting:
this time I have enough material to finish a matching top!!! Now if I just don't stash this away & forget where I put it, all will be good! (Full story here)