Monday, August 10, 2015

Why I Set Absurd Goals

If I wasn't trying to reach 115 finished projects by the end of the year, this
 would not exist.  I simply do not know enough foul language to describe what it was like to work with this fabric.  It's a very good thing that Andy didn't like this fabric after all--there's no WAY a collared shirt would EVER have been made from this stuff, and I don't think I would have been a better person for the experience.

Still, it's finished and eventually I will even wear it.  I have probably forgiven worse projects.  In the meantime,
I'm working on the jacket.  It's home decorating fabric, but it is a little on the light side for this perhaps.  I think it will be fine, and the fabric is a dream to work with after the purple mess.  It will definitely be a completing-the-outfit sort of jacket rather than a keeping-me-warm one.  As it's back to scary-hot here right now, it's difficult to even remember the "needing warmth" thing. 

I am really trying to push myself to commit fabric to project, so I'm already scanning the stacks (and stacks...and stacks...) for the next project.  If I can find where I stashed the fabric, a strong possibility would be the summer clothes that were going to be for Andy's birthday LAST year.  Ahem..... Or, while I'm at it, that damn pajama top from 7 years ago.......

Speaking of gifts, the scarf is ready for the last few rows
as soon as I find where I put my #2 circular needle.  I assume somewhere in the sewing room is a big black hole filled with knitting needles, fabric, odd balls of yarn, measuring tapes, and everything else I can no longer find.  Maybe I should count cleaning as a finished project....?