Wednesday, December 21, 2011

She Knits!

Some days I just defeat myself with my own optimism.  For the last THREE days I have been waiting to update the blog because I was just positive that this

was going to really be finished any minute, and then I could brag about using up another ball of yarn for the year.  That fingering weight yarn and size ONE needles could still strike me as "almost done" shortly after turning the heel probably explains a great deal.  SO, three days later, I have now used up almost 15,000 yards of yarn this year, making it my second-best year ever with 10 days left to go.

So, it of course made sense to find a really, REALLY large ball of yarn that I can't possibly knit up in 10 days,
and start on a toddler sweater that also can't be finished in 10 days.  In my defense, there is a bit of a baby boom happening around us, and my newest "honorary" nephew has already outgrown the sweater I thought I would be giving him for Christmas, and will be receiving a 4-year-old sized sweater at the ripe old age of 5 months because nothing else I have made is the right sex and probable right size at the right time.  This is a 2-year-old sized sweater, which will hopefully be an appropriate size for him at some point while it's cold enough for a sweater if I get it ready for Christmas 2012.  I can understand why more people make baby blankets than baby sweaters--one doesn't have to try to correctly predict the size at appropriate sweater-temperature times of the year.  Throw Global Warming in there, and I might never get a baby sweater size right again........