Friday, January 11, 2013

Catching Up

For someone who is not a big fan of colorwork, 55 colorwork Christmas ornaments might seem like an insane challenge.  It took me three days to finish ornament number TWO:
 and about an hour or two to finish one that I made up:
I don't know if it's following charts or trying to manage the longer floats without having them show through the white that is so slow, but I'm hoping to get a bit better by ornament 5 or 6.  Otherwise it's going to be a long, LONG year.

Thankfully, I do have lots of ornament options, and this morning I cut away the excess stabilizer from the lace ornaments,
soaked them,
and now they're drying on a cookie rack.  The stabilizer is made from cornstarch, so it's harmless, and I learned last year that wet ornaments are SUPER sticky so they can't be dried on a towel.  I still need to make one more piece for the light blue snowflake, and when they're dry we'll see how the 3-D ornaments work.  This is a new technique for me, and while I understand the concept, execution is not always as expected...

Thursday, in my go-till-it-hurts madness, I did some massive tidying, which led to:
 finally frogging EZ's Epaulet Jacket, and:
digging out one of my closest-to-finished WIPs from last year.  This is down to just seams, collar, and button band, but for unknown reasons I had picked up the collar and button band stitches WITHOUT first marking for buttonholes.  No idea what possessed me to do that, but it unfortunately sent this lovely sweater to the project time-out bin.  I'm staying away from anything truly complicated while on the pain pills, but frogging is pretty simple, so I think I can mark for buttonholes.  Now that I remember them, of course....

So it's Finishing Friday, we're having snow showers an and off, and I'm trying to decide what to work on.  A sewing project would be best as there's no way the sewing room is going to get any more room until I start using up fabric, but I am idiotically leaning toward starting a new quilting project.  No, not the quilted ornaments--something new altogether.  Can I GET any crazier?