Friday, January 22, 2016

Resisting the Urge

With all the cleaning I've been doing--and feeling like maybe I should rest a bit if I'm ever going to get rid of this cold--I took a REAL Finishing Friday today.  Originally, I was moving things around to maybe start a new project, but since one of the items I was moving was a table runner all pinned and ready to be quilted, the tiny rational side of me thought, "Hey, maybe I should finish a project before starting a new one..."  After wondering where THAT little voice has been all my life, I picked out another variegated thread to play with,
and can I just say that I'm not sure if the stronger draw is that I think it will look nice OR that I want to justify having bought several variegated threads and because I'd like to justify eventually buying more of them.  It has been 27 days since my last fabric purchase, and I have come so close to caving at least 3 times already that I am currently bribing myself with a Sulky Blendables Dream Assortment if I can stay on the fabric wagon for an entire year.  In the first 30 days, it seems I am rather expensive to bribe, but if I can actually make it 366 days without buying ANY fabric, it would be worth it.  And playing with new thread did get the table runner finished, 
and another yard of fabric used up from my stash.  Whew!  We're up to 3.5 yards for the year now--or less than 20% of that last little fabric fling I had at the end of the month.  I think my next project needs to be just a little bit bigger, or maybe I need to make 10 of them...........And somehow I still want to check for online fabric sales even now............................